This theme seems oriented towards girls ó may boys attend also?   

While the majority of our guests will likely be girls, boys are most welcome and encouraged to attend.  Activities are appropriate for any gender or identity. When completing the reservation form, there will be an option to indicate a gender, which will help us plan accordingly.   


Is a costume mandatory, and does it have to be a fairy?   

Theme appropriate costumes are encouraged for children and adults, but are not mandatory.  Dressing up is part of the fun that makes it special, but itís more important that everyone feels comfortable.  So, costumes are entirely optional.  If you donít have one, a limited number of fairy wings and other items for boys will be on hand to borrow while you're here (first come, first served). 


Not into fairies?  No problem .  The fae live in harmony with God and nature.  They regard all manner of mythical and earthly beings as their friends, and all are welcome to join us on this special day.  Alternative ideas include: angels, dragons, butterflies, ladybugs, animals (cats especially), pirates, elves, knights, mermaids, friendly witches and wizards, friendly trolls, hobbits, lost boys, etc.  Characters from any movie or fairy tale where tea is served, or fairies and other fantasy themes are prominent are also a good fit.  But of course, anything that makes your child happy will be well received ó freedom of expression is encouraged.  We only ask that guests refrain from wearing anything provocative, scary or violent. 


Whatís the age range?   

Most children in attendance will be ages 2-10, but ALL ages are welcome.   


Whatís included in the ticket price?  Are discounts available?   

Please refer to the ticket page.  


How do the sittings work?  Are reservations required?   

While we may be able to accommodate a handful of last-minute additional guests in your party, we do ask that tickets be purchased in advance and your seating time be reserved.  This is the only way that we can manage the table space.  Plan on being there about 1.5 hours, or longer if your group is larger.  We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before your sitting time and get in line for face painting first.    


Iíd rather not attend.  Can I drop my child off and pick them up later?   

All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult at all times.  


What if I just want to shop?   

Admission is free to adults who would just to shop, and we welcome your support.  Shoppers may also purchase raffle tickets (must be present to win.)   


Is there a cost for parking?   

Parking is FREE and very convenient. 


What if I donít drink tea?   

Bottled water and a few non-carbonated beverage choices will also be available.  All will be served in a fancy tea cup, with refills included.   


What does the snack plate include?   

A balanced vegetarian snack suitable as a light lunch, with some sweet treats included.  The exact menu is subject to change, but we're currently planning for cheese, crackers, fruit, and cupcake/cookies or other confectionery. 


Can you accommodate special requests, such as gluten free?   

At this time, the budget doesnít support this.  But in the future, we would like to consider it.  We'll also do our best to avoid common allergens, but you'll need to use your own good judgment, because only you know what your child's limitations are.  


I found a stray kitten that needs a good home.  Can I drop it off while I'm there?   

Volunteers from the cat rescue will be on site manning their tent, but they will only be accepting donations and adopting cats out on the day of the event.  They'll be happy to answer questions and give advice, but fosters must be arranged in advance before cats can be accepted.     1-855-299-3827